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Administrative Setup

Consequent upon the coming into force of Punjab Local Government Act 2019 w.e.f. 4.5.2019 All local governments constituted or continued under the Punjab Local Government Act, 2013 (Act XVIII of 2013) were dissolved.  Under Section 3(2) of the Act ibid. the Government has been required to constitute succeeding local governments in accordance with the provisions of section 15 of the Act ibid.  as soon as may be but not later than one year of the commencement of the said Act. Government of the Punjab in exercise of the powers conferred upon it unders section 121 of the said Act appointed administratiors for all local governments vide Notificaton No. SOR(LG)1-11/2019 Dated 4.5.2019. Under section 316 (2) all defunct local governments and other offices, agencies and authorities established under the Punjab Local Government Act, 2013 (XVIII of 2013) were required to continue providing public services in their respective local areas without any interruption till such time new local governments are constituted under the said Act likewise under section 316(3) of the Act ibid. all officers and servants of the defunct local governments were required to continue to discharge their respective duties and exercise their powers with the successor local governments under the said  Act, till such time they are assigned or transferred to any other local government.  Therefore Chief Officer, 4 Municipal Officers and other officials of the defunct local government are performing their duties under the administrative control of the Administrator (Assistant Commissioner Kot Addu) duly appointed by the government. The Chief Officer is acting as coordinating and administrative officer in-charge of the Municipal Officers.



Dr. Fayyaz Ali Jatala


Date of Joining: 26-08-2019

Contact No: +92-66-2243658

                      +92 66 2242691

 Mobile :      +92 313 6477911





Rana Mehboob Alam

Chief Officer

Date of Joining: 21.02.2019

Contact No: +92-66-2243659

Mobile:        +92 3004797167



Khan Muhammad Khan

Municipal Officer (Regulation)

Date of Joining: 23.05.2019

Contact No: +92 662243659

Mobile:      +92 333 4497719



Muhammad Shahid Gulfam

Municipal Officer (Finance)


Date of Joining: 09.05.2019

Contact No: +92-66-2243658


Mobile:        +92 333 7402030



Muhammad Mustehsan

Municipal Officer (Infrastructure)

Date of Joining: 22.05.2019

Contact No: +92-66-2243658

Mobile:        +92 333 6781516



Qaswer Abbas

Municipal Officer (Planing)

Date of Joining: 23.05.2019

Contact No: +92-66-2243658

Mobile:       +92 331 4150198


MC Organogram

Schedule of Establishment 2018

Incumbency Statement


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