• An aerial view of the city of Kot Addu
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  • An aerial view of the city of Kot Addu


Municipal Committee Kot Addu
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صفائی ، نکاسی آب، سٹریٹ لائٹ اور دیگر میونسل خدمات کی بابت شکایات درج ذیل فون نمبرز پر کریں


Municipal Committee Kot Addu came into existance on the 1st of January, 2017 consequent upon the promulgation of Punjab Local Government Act,2013. It is presently subdivided into 32 Electoral Wards. The city is headquarter of Kot Addu Tehsil of Muzaffargarh District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is located in the southern part of the Punjab province at about 90 K.M. in the north west of Multan and on the left bank of the River Indus at a distance of 16 K.M. from Taunsa Barrage. It has a population of over 130000 persons as per Census 2017 . Kot Addu city is renowned for power generation. Kot Addu Power Plant having a generation capacity of  1638 MW is situated with in the Municipal Limits of Kot Addu.  The city is also famous for its being home town of Legendry Sufi Vocalist Pathanay Khan. Kot Adu City, being an historic and prosperous city, attracts a number of tourists every year particularly due to beautiful nearby Wetlands, Migratory Birds and  Indus River.









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The residents of Kot Addu are requested to extend their full cooperation for a Clean, Green and     Encroachment     Free Kot Addu. The doors of my office always open for the general public of Kot Addu.

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"Prime Minister Imran Khan on October 13, 2020 approved proposed measures aimed at controlling rising prices of basic commodities’ in the country.
The Chief Secretary, GoP issued orders to field officers to commission ‘Sahulat Bazaars’ at the tehsil level to maintain prices. The chief secretary also directed to improve the number of Sahulat bazars in the major cities of the province.
MC has make arrangements for Sahulut Bazaar for the said purpose."

Municipal Committee Daska is constantly putting its best efforts to combat the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic and to control its harmful impacts. In this situation, MC is performing various activities to stop the spread of pandemic in line with directions of Government of Punjab. 

This year 70 Millions will be spent in Kot Addu city for the Repair & Maintenance of Roads, Street Lights, Sewerage, Parks, Slaughter House etc. under Punjab Cities Program (PCP)


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