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Administrator's Message

The residents of Kot Addu are requested to extend their full cooperation for a Clean, Green and Encroachment Free Kot Addu. The doors of my office always open for the general public of Kot Addu.

Our Mission

A Municipal Committee shall each be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal, with power to acquire and hold property and enter into any contract and may sue and be sued in its name.

Our Vision

Exercise control over land-use, land-subdivision, land development and zoning by public and private sectors for any purpose, including for agriculture, industry, commerce markets, shopping and other employment center.

Our Goals

Assist in the provision of relief in the event of any fire, flood, hailstorm, earthquake, epidemic or other natural calamity and assist relevant authorities in relief activities.

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0344 8686068

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Administrator M Asgher Iqbal


About The City


Kot Addu City came into existence on the 1st of January, 2017 consequent upon the promulgation of the Punjab Local Government Act,2013. It is presently subdivided into 32 Electoral Wards. Kot Addu city is a Tehsil District of Punjab province of Pakistan.  It is located in the southern part of the Punjab province at about 90 K.M. in the northwest of Multan and on the left bank of the River Indus at a distance of 16 K.M. from Taunsa Barrage. It has a population of over 130000 persons as per Census 2017. Kot Addu city is renowned for power generation. Kot Addu Power Plant having a generation capacity of  1638 MW is situated within the Municipal Limits of Kot Addu.  The city is also famous for its being the hometown of Legendary Sufi Vocalist Pathanay Khan. Kot Addu City, being a historic and prosperous city, attracts a number of tourists every year particularly due to the beautiful nearby Wetlands, Migratory Birds, and the Indus River. Read More

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Water Supply

No Water Supply System in Kot Addu

Solid Waste Management

Est. Solid Waste generation = 64.76TPD Avg. Solid Waste disposal = 85.82 TPD Disposal efficiency =75.46%.


Fully served area: 479
Un served area: 1104
Flooded area: 579


Total Number of Roads = 9
Total Length of Roads = 25(KM)


Total Number of Street Light = 1901
Working Street Light = 1261(66%)
Not Working Street Light =640(34%)


Total Number of Parks in the city = 5
Major facilities available in Parks Swings, Walking track,Lights, ,Filteration Plant


Provision of Machinery & Equipment for Improvement of Solid Waste Management in MC Kot Addu City
Under the ongoing Punjab Cities Program with the financial support of the World Bank, projects costing Rs. Under this program, four compactor trucks, one front blade tractor, one front end loader, four mini tippers, two water trucks with uppers, two dumper trucks, two hundred and sixty four trucks, four compactor trucks, one front-blade tractor, one front-end loader, four compactor trucks, one front blade tractor, one front end loader, to adapt the sanitation system in Kot Addo city to modern urban facilities. In addition to providing containers, one hundred and seventy hand carriages, one hundred and fifty one construction projects worth twenty crore rupees will be completed.

Development Projects

Government & strategy

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Improvement Of Roads In Kot Addu City

Improvement Of Roads In Kot Addu City

Improvement and Construction of Roads in Kot Addu City PCP Read More

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Repair/Rehabilitation Of Sewerage Scheme

Repair/Rehabilitation Of Sewerage Scheme

Winch Machine for Sewer Cleaning

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Renovation Of Parks

Renovation Of Parks

Rehabilitation of existing facilities in
Tooba Park
Mumtaz Park
Tayyaba Ladies Park

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