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Functions Of Local Govt


Chapter – VII

Functions of Local Governments  


21.       Functions and powers of Metropolitan Corporation and District Council. – (1) A Metropolitan Corporation and a District Council shall:

(a)               implement the provisions of this Act, rules and bye-laws;

(b)              exercise control over land-use including land-subdivision, land development and zoning by public and private sectors for any purpose, including for agriculture, housing, industry, commerce markets, shopping and other employment centers, residential, recreation, parks, entertainment etc., as per the approved Master Plan;

(c)               subject to any other special law relating to preparation and approval of Regional, Master and land use plan for the time being in force; approve spatial plans, zoning, land use plans, including classification and reclassification of land, as per the approved Master Plan;

(d)              enforce building control as may be prescribed;

(e)               undertake urban design and urban renewal programmes;

(f)                approve development schemes for beautification of urban areas;

(g)              prepare, approve, execute and manage development plans;

(h)              regulate development and management of site development and housing schemes;

(i)                manage properties, assets and funds vested in the local government;

(j)                lease and rent out properties owned or otherwise vested in, managed or maintained by the local governments;

(k)              undertake landscape, parks, monuments and municipal ornamentation;

(l)                prepare and approve budget, revised budget and annual and long-term municipal development programmes;

(m)            approve taxes and fees etc.;

(n)              collect approved taxes, fees, rates, rents, tolls, charges, fines and penalties;

(o)              prepare and approve proposals for construction of express ways, fly-overs, bridges, roads, under passes owned by or vested in local governments;

(p)              regulate affixing of sign-boards and advertisements except where this function is being performed by the Park and Horticulture Authority;

(q)              naming and renaming of roads, streets and public places vested in, managed or maintained by the local governments;

(r)                develop integrated system of water reservoirs, water sources, water supply and treatment plants, drainage including storm water drainage, liquid and solid waste collection, disposal and treatment including landfill site and recycling plants, sanitation and other municipal services;

(s)               provide, develop, manage, operate, maintain and improve the municipal infrastructure and services, including –

(i)            roads and streets;

(ii)           traffic planning, engineering and management including traffic signaling systems, signs on roads, street markings, parking places, transport stations, stops, stands and terminals;

(iii)          street lighting; and

(iv)         playgrounds, open spaces, graveyards and arboriculture.

(t)                maintain municipal records and archives;

(u)              maintain a comprehensive data base and information system and provide public access to it on nominal charges;

(v)              regulate and organize sports, cultural, traditional and recreational events, fairs and shows;

(w)             undertake adaptive reuse strategies to restore, preserve and undertake heritage and historical assets through agency arrangement, in the local area;

(x)              establish and manage municipal libraries;

(y)              promote school sports and traditional local sports;

(z)               ensure environmental protection;

(aa)       encourage tree afforestation and plantation at local level;

(bb)          provide assistance through grants to registered and credible Government and Non-Government Organizations for provision of public service;

(cc)           regulate and establish street markets in the manner prescribed;

(dd)          undertake steps to implement population control policy of Government;

(ee)           regulate private markets and establish and maintain public markets;

(ff)             regulate, establish and maintain cattle and other animal markets and slaughter houses;

(gg)          regulate sale of cattle;

(hh)          enforce all municipal laws, rules and bye-laws governing its functioning:

(ii)              authorize an officer or officers to issue notice to a person committing any municipal offence and initiate legal proceedings for continuance of commission of such offence or for failure to comply with the directions contained in such notice;

(jj)              sue, prosecute and defend court cases;

(kk)          assist relevant authorities in disaster management and relief activities;

(ll)              provide relief for the widows, orphans, poor, trans genders and other persons in distress, and children and persons with disabilities;

(mm)      make arrangements for enhancement of the care of disabled persons, paupers, aged, sick, persons of unsound mind, abandoned minors, juvenile delinquents, drug addicts, victims of child abuse, needy and disadvantaged persons; and

(nn)          exercise administrative, operational and management control of the devolved district level offices of the Government departments as may be notified by the Government.

(2)       A Metropolitan Corporation and a District Council may:

(a)        entrust any of its functions to a person, any public-private, public or private organization, authority, agency or company through a contractual arrangement, on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed:

provided that responsibility for discharge of such functions shall continue to vest with such local government;

(b)        on such terms and conditions as are mutually agreed, transfer its functions or responsibilities with regard to providing municipal services to the Union Council falling within its local area:

                              provided that no function or responsibility shall be transferred without allocation of corresponding resources and funds:

                              provided further that the responsibility to regulate and monitor such functions and services shall remain with the transferring local government;

(c)        perform such other functions as may be assigned or entrusted to it by the Government;

(d)       by an agreement and on such terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed, perform any function of the Government;

(e)        with funds raised through voluntary contributions or external grant, undertake any development project;

(f)        with the approval of the Government and concerned regulatory authorities of the Federal Government and the Government, set-up, acquire, manage and operate any commercial activity on a self-financing basis; and

(g)        setup a corporate body to perform any of its functions, singly or jointly with other public or private bodies:

                              provided that responsibility for discharge of such functions shall continue to vest with the local government.

(3)       The Metropolitan Corporation and a District Council may also:

(a)        review public service delivery of departments including Police and Revenue Administration; and

(b)        seek written response and clarification from district Head of such departments on queries of the local government regarding their performance, functions and operations:

provided that in case of unsatisfactory response, Head of a local government may send a reference to the Chief Minister for resolution of the matter.


Source: Punjab Local Government Act 2022, Chapter VII, Section 21 


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