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Environment & Social Management

Environmental & Social Management Framework (ESMF)

Punjab Cities Program (PCP) is World Bank funded program which is being executed by LG&CDD. PCP is being implemented in 16 Municipal Committees/Corporations of Punjab. Adoption of ESMF in all Eligible Investments of PCP is one of the performance objectives of the program. This ESMF is prepared by Environmental & Social Management team of PMDFC, to facilitate the cities in understanding & compliance of social and environmental management processes and procedures as per World Bank and Local Perspective.

The major objectives are:

• To ensure that subprojects to be designed and implemented under the program are environmentally and socially acceptable.

• Identify and execute practical, feasible, credible and cost-effective measures to offset or reduce adverse environmental and social impacts to acceptable level.

Subprojects Cycle:

• Sub-project Design & Preparation: Social & Environmental Screening, Categorization and Public Consultation.

• Appraisal: Preparation of Instruments (ESMP/IEE/SAR/SMP/RAP/ARAP)

• Implementation: Instrument Implementation cost inclusion in the bidding document & Contracts of contractor

• Monitoring & Evaluation: Environmental & Social Monitoring as Instruments.

ESMF implementation steps:

1. Environmental & Social Screening of each subproject

2. Development of instruments (EIA/IEE/ESMP/RAP/ARAP/SAR)

3. Inclusion of instruments & Cost in bid documents/ Contracts.

4. Environmental & Social Monitoring to ensure effective Implementation f the mitigation

5. Annual Performance Assessments (APAs)

Serial No Details Downloads
1 National Hazardous Waste Management Policy 2022
2 Plastic Regulations 2023
3 Policy on Controlling Smog
4 Punjab Environmental Protection Act 2012
5 Punjab Polythene Bag Ordinance
6 Reviewe of IEE EIA Regulations 2022
7 SMOG Regulation Compressed
8 The Punjab Occupational Safety & Health Act 2019
9 Draft Training Report-17-18 July 2023
1 Antiquity Act 1975
2 Land Acqusition Act 1984
3 Restriction on Employment of Children Act 2016
PCP Documents
1 Environmental and Social Systems Assessment (ESSA) for PCP
2 Enviromental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)
3 Environmental & Social Screening Checklist Report
4 Quality SOPs for health, safety and environment for labours/workers (Including women labours/workers) working in development projects
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